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 Update: Monday,     March 02,2015
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     Legion Post 137 Baseball News

     Pitching TONIGHT March 02 @ Dirt Dawgs 8:00-9:30pm

     Holbrook Post 137 Pitching Program starts Dec 26, 2014 - for 12 weeks.
     Cost: $120 (for 12 weeks - approx. 30 workouts)
     Certified NPA Pitching Instructors: Chris Mitchell and Steve Newton
     For more information, contact: Steve at stnewton@hotmail.com or 781.308.0650
     Post Season Playoff Trail

     Friday July 18 - Holbrook Post 137 Sr Legion defeats Braintree Sr Legion 1-0
     Saturday, July 19 - Holbrook Post 137 Sr Legion lost to Foxboro Sr Legion 11-1
     Sunday, July 20 - Holbrook Post 137 Sr Legion defeats Weymouth Sr Legion 6-4
     Monday, July 21 - Holbrook Sr Legion lost to undefeated Westwood Sr Legion 4-2
     That ends our run for the District 6 Championship.....
     Thanx for a great 2014 Summer Season !
     Congratulations! to Manager Chris Mitchell, Coach Jim Lynch, and a great team for a great season.
     Good Job! to Steve Joyce and the Holbrook Post 137 Jr Legion
     You played hard, you played together, you stayed focused ..........

     Legion Game Day Schedule & Results

     All Players Arrive at Game 45 minutes prior to start.
     Directions on the Baseball Field Directions page (above)

 DayDate Time Visitor Home Field Comment
 ----------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 Wed6/04 5:45 PM Needham Jr(4) Holbrook Jr(5)(W) Joyce
 Sun6/08 5:30 PM Quincy Jr(10) Holbrook Jr(1)(L) Joyce
 Sun6/08 5:45 PM Holbrook Sr(2)(W) Milton(1) Cunningham Pk
 Mon6/09 5:45 PM Holbrook Jr(4) Westwood Jr(14) Westwood HS
 Mon6/09 5:45 PM Hyde Park(6) Holbrook Sr(12)(W) Sumner
 Wed6/11 5:45 PM Hudson Jr(8) Holbrook Jr(6)(L) Joyce
 Thu6/12 5:45 PM Braintree(7) Holbrook Sr(8)(W) Sumner
 Sun6/15 5:45 PM Holbrook Sr(9)(W) Stoughton(0) Stoughton HS forfeit
 Mon6/16 5:45 PM Holbrook Sr(13)(W) Canton(3) Canton HS
 Mon6/16 7:00 PM Holbrook Jr(4)(L) Cohasset Jr(11) Scituate HS
 Wed6/18 5:45 PM Franklin Jr(11) Holbrook Jr(4)(L) Joyce
 Thu6/19 5:45 PM Canton Jr(5) Holbrook Jr(10)(W) Joyce
 Thu6/19 5:45 PM Holbrook Sr(3)(L) Weymouth(6) Stella
 Fri6/20 5:45 PM Milton(7) Holbrook Sr(2)(L) Sumner
 Fri6/20 8:00 PM Holbrook Jr(7)(L) Foxboro Jr(8) Payson
 Sun6/22 10:00 AM Holbrook Jr(0)(L) Braintree Jr(4) Braintree JV
 Sun6/22 12:00 PM Braintree Jr(8) Holbrook Jr(6)(L) Braintree JV
 Sun6/22 5:45 PM Holbrook Sr(4)(W) Hyde Park(2) Catholic Mem HS
 Wed6/25 7:30 PM Holbrook Sr(1)(L) Braintree(18) Braintree HS
 Thu6/26 8:00 PM Holbrook Sr(3)(W) Quincy(2) Adams
 Fri6/27 5:45 PM Holbrook Jr(7)(W) Needham Jr(3) DeFazio
 Fri6/27 5:45 PM Stoughton(0) Holbrook Sr(9)(W) Sumner Forfeit
 Sat6/28 1:00 PM Holbrook Sr(10)(W) Cohasset(2) Cohasset HS
 Sat6/28 3:00 PM Cohasset(7) Holbrook Sr(9)(W) Cohasset HS 8 Innings
 Sun6/29 5:30 PM Norwood Jr(3) Holbrook Jr(11)(W) Balch School
 Sun6/29 5:45 PM Canton(13) Holbrook Sr(12)(L) Sumner
 Sun6/29 8:00 PM Holbrook Jr(0)(L) Norwood Jr(4)(W) Balch School
 Tue7/01 5:30 PM Holbrook Jr(5)(W) Quincy Jr(3) Adams
 Tue7/01 5:45 PM Holbrook Sr(9)(W) Cohasset(0) Cohasset HS Forfeit
 Wed7/02 5:45 PM Weymouth(12) Holbrook Sr(11)(L) Sumner
 Thu7/03 5:45 PM Holbrook Sr(4)(T) Milton(4) Cunningham Pk 8 innings
 Thu7/03 5:45 PM Westwood Jr(5) Holbrook Jr(16)(W) Joyce
 Sun7/06 5:45 PM Hyde Park(7) Holbrook Sr(11)(W) Sumner
 Mon7/07 7:00 PM Holbrook Jr(10)(W) Hudson Jr(1) Hudson
 Tue7/08 5:45 PM Weymouth(5) Holbrook Sr(18)(W) Sumner
 Wed7/09 5:30 PM Holbrook Jr(5)(W) Canton Jr(1) Ruane
 Wed7/09 5:45 PM Braintree(14) Holbrook Sr(5)(L) Sumner
 Thu7/10 5:45 PM Quincy(5) Holbrook Sr(2)(L) O'Rourke Pk
 Fri7/11 5:45 PM Cohasset Jr(4) Holbrook Jr(8)(W) Joyce
 Sat7/12 5:45 PM Quincy(8) Holbrook Sr(9)(W) Sumner
 Sun7/13 5:00 PM Holbrook Jr(10)(W) Franklin Jr(4) Dean College
 Sun7/13 5:45 PM Holbrook Sr Stoughton Stoughton HS Cancelled
 Mon7/14 5:45 PM Holbrook Sr(0)(L) Canton(1) Canton HS
 Fri7/18 5:45 PM Foxboro Jr(9) Holbrook Jr(7)(L) Joyce

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