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Legion Baseball


Post 137 Baseball News

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Holbrook Legion

Playing Fall Baseball in 2017 !

Ages 14-18

Non-Legion Players Welcome


Thursday, May 18th, 8:00 pm

Dirt Dawgs, 40 Industrial Ave, Canton

Pitching & Catching

Live Hitting

Saturday, May 20th, 4:00 pm

Sumner Field

Rain or Shine !

If Raining, we will collect paperwork.

If Wet, we will attempt to get some Drills in.


Holbrook Post 137 is gearing up to play baseball in 2017 !

We have spots to fill on (2) teams. Players and Coaches have moved on.

The Senior Legion team will be managed by Coach Capp and Coach Joyce.
The Junior Legion team will be managed by Coach Zanghi.

Holbrook Legion baseball players are from: Holbrook, Avon & Randolph.

Try-outs will take place at the Sumner & Joyce Fields, 85 South Franklin St, Holbrook

4:00 pm - Saturday, May 20th - Sumner Field, Holbrook

The 2017 Player Registration fee is $175.
Registration Forms are available at the tryouts and on our website.

Look for: Junior 77  (13-17 yo)

              Senior 77  (17-18 yo)

              All Players need a Form 2

Players must be born in the years 1999 (18) through 2004 (13).

Returning Players, born in 1998 (19) may still play.
A legal birth certificate (with seal), or passport, and registration fee will be required when you are placed on a team.

Junior Legion will play 20 games, from June 4th through July 20th.
Senior Legion will play 21 games, from June 7th through July 20th.

American Legion has adopted a National Rule whereby, if any participant, during a Legion Activity, does not show due respect to the American Flag or the National Anthem, will be permanently discharged from the Legion program.

Congratulations Holbrook Post 137 Juniors on making the 2016 District 6 Playoff Tournament !
Manager John Capp has done a phenomenal job !

Congratulations goes to Matt McDonald - Senior Holbrook Post 137 team !
Matt was voted the MVP of the 2016 District 6 East All-Star team.....