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 Update: Wednesday,  May 20,2015
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Holbrook, MA 02343
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     Legion Post 137 Baseball News

     2015 Legion Baseball
     The Legion Baseball Season will start Monday, June 08
     Players have been sent emails with the Roster paperwork.
     Players must notify the team(s) within the next 2 days
     Paperwork should be turned in this week at the sumner Field Parking lot.
     Monday May 18, Wednesday May 20, Thursday May 21
     6:30pm to 8:00pm
     Extra forms will be available
     2015 Fee: $150, DUE when you accept a Roster spot.
     $150 and Birth Certificates(with Seal), Passports, other Official IDs
     will be Required by TUESDAY, May 26th the latest.
     Paperwork must be checked by District.
     Post Season Playoff Trail

     Friday July 18 - Holbrook Post 137 Sr Legion defeats Braintree Sr Legion 1-0
     Saturday, July 19 - Holbrook Post 137 Sr Legion lost to Foxboro Sr Legion 11-1
     Sunday, July 20 - Holbrook Post 137 Sr Legion defeats Weymouth Sr Legion 6-4
     Monday, July 21 - Holbrook Sr Legion lost to undefeated Westwood Sr Legion 4-2
     That ends our run for the District 6 Championship.....
     Thanx for a great 2014 Summer Season !
     Congratulations! to Manager Chris Mitchell, Coach Jim Lynch, and a great team for a great season.
     Good Job! to Steve Joyce and the Holbrook Post 137 Jr Legion
     You played hard, you played together, you stayed focused ..........

     Legion Game Day Schedule & Results

     All Players Arrive at Game 45 minutes prior to start.
     Directions on the Baseball Field Directions page (above)

 DayDate Time Visitor Home Field Comment
 ----------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 Wed6/04 5:45 PM Needham Jr(4) Holbrook Jr(5)(W) Joyce
 Sun6/08 5:30 PM Quincy Jr(10) Holbrook Jr(1)(L) Joyce
 Sun6/08 5:45 PM Holbrook Sr(2)(W) Milton(1) Cunningham Pk
 Mon6/09 5:45 PM Holbrook Jr(4) Westwood Jr(14) Westwood HS
 Mon6/09 5:45 PM Hyde Park(6) Holbrook Sr(12)(W) Sumner
 Wed6/11 5:45 PM Hudson Jr(8) Holbrook Jr(6)(L) Joyce
 Thu6/12 5:45 PM Braintree(7) Holbrook Sr(8)(W) Sumner
 Sun6/15 5:45 PM Holbrook Sr(9)(W) Stoughton(0) Stoughton HS forfeit
 Mon6/16 5:45 PM Holbrook Sr(13)(W) Canton(3) Canton HS
 Mon6/16 7:00 PM Holbrook Jr(4)(L) Cohasset Jr(11) Scituate HS
 Wed6/18 5:45 PM Franklin Jr(11) Holbrook Jr(4)(L) Joyce
 Thu6/19 5:45 PM Canton Jr(5) Holbrook Jr(10)(W) Joyce
 Thu6/19 5:45 PM Holbrook Sr(3)(L) Weymouth(6) Stella
 Fri6/20 5:45 PM Milton(7) Holbrook Sr(2)(L) Sumner
 Fri6/20 8:00 PM Holbrook Jr(7)(L) Foxboro Jr(8) Payson
 Sun6/22 10:00 AM Holbrook Jr(0)(L) Braintree Jr(4) Braintree JV
 Sun6/22 12:00 PM Braintree Jr(8) Holbrook Jr(6)(L) Braintree JV
 Sun6/22 5:45 PM Holbrook Sr(4)(W) Hyde Park(2) Catholic Mem HS
 Wed6/25 7:30 PM Holbrook Sr(1)(L) Braintree(18) Braintree HS
 Thu6/26 8:00 PM Holbrook Sr(3)(W) Quincy(2) Adams
 Fri6/27 5:45 PM Holbrook Jr(7)(W) Needham Jr(3) DeFazio
 Fri6/27 5:45 PM Stoughton(0) Holbrook Sr(9)(W) Sumner Forfeit
 Sat6/28 1:00 PM Holbrook Sr(10)(W) Cohasset(2) Cohasset HS
 Sat6/28 3:00 PM Cohasset(7) Holbrook Sr(9)(W) Cohasset HS 8 Innings
 Sun6/29 5:30 PM Norwood Jr(3) Holbrook Jr(11)(W) Balch School
 Sun6/29 5:45 PM Canton(13) Holbrook Sr(12)(L) Sumner
 Sun6/29 8:00 PM Holbrook Jr(0)(L) Norwood Jr(4)(W) Balch School
 Tue7/01 5:30 PM Holbrook Jr(5)(W) Quincy Jr(3) Adams
 Tue7/01 5:45 PM Holbrook Sr(9)(W) Cohasset(0) Cohasset HS Forfeit
 Wed7/02 5:45 PM Weymouth(12) Holbrook Sr(11)(L) Sumner
 Thu7/03 5:45 PM Holbrook Sr(4)(T) Milton(4) Cunningham Pk 8 innings
 Thu7/03 5:45 PM Westwood Jr(5) Holbrook Jr(16)(W) Joyce
 Sun7/06 5:45 PM Hyde Park(7) Holbrook Sr(11)(W) Sumner
 Mon7/07 7:00 PM Holbrook Jr(10)(W) Hudson Jr(1) Hudson
 Tue7/08 5:45 PM Weymouth(5) Holbrook Sr(18)(W) Sumner
 Wed7/09 5:30 PM Holbrook Jr(5)(W) Canton Jr(1) Ruane
 Wed7/09 5:45 PM Braintree(14) Holbrook Sr(5)(L) Sumner
 Thu7/10 5:45 PM Quincy(5) Holbrook Sr(2)(L) O'Rourke Pk
 Fri7/11 5:45 PM Cohasset Jr(4) Holbrook Jr(8)(W) Joyce
 Sat7/12 5:45 PM Quincy(8) Holbrook Sr(9)(W) Sumner
 Sun7/13 5:00 PM Holbrook Jr(10)(W) Franklin Jr(4) Dean College
 Sun7/13 5:45 PM Holbrook Sr Stoughton Stoughton HS Cancelled
 Mon7/14 5:45 PM Holbrook Sr(0)(L) Canton(1) Canton HS
 Fri7/18 5:45 PM Foxboro Jr(9) Holbrook Jr(7)(L) Joyce

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