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 Update: Wednesday   July 22,2015
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     Legion Post 137 Baseball News
     2015 End of Season Dinner
     Sunday, August 2nd, 6:00pm
     Holbrook Legion Post 137
     Rt 139 - Plymouth St, Holbrook

     Both the Senior and Junior Teams had a Great Season.
     The Coaches wish to reward you all with a little Pasta & Meatball dinner.
     Please let us know if you can attend as soon as possible.
     You may bring along a parent if you wish, just let us know.
     For some of you, this has been your first year playing Legion ball.
     For others, this will have been your last year playing Legion ball.
     But, each of you has played an equal part in helping build a productive and successful Legion Baseball program.
     Please take this opportunity to share and experience the season with each other one more time.
     Please spread the word among your teammates. I may have missed an email address or two.
     This will also be an opportunity for you to turn in the uniforms and to have your birth certificates returned.
     If you are unable to attend, please contact Coach Mitchell or Coach Cap and arrange an exchange.
     You need to return the Uniform Shirt, Legion Pants, and Leather Belt if you have one.
     You may keep the t-shirt, sox, and cap.

     We sincerely hope that you can join your teammates and Coaches one more time.....
   Legion Game Day Schedule & Results

 DayDate Time Visitor Home Field Comment
 ----------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 Mon6/08 5:45 PM Weymouth Sr(0) Holbrook Sr(6)(W) Sumner
 Wed6/10 5:45 PM Braintree Jr(3) Holbrook Jr(4)(W) Joyce 8 innings
 Fri6/12 5:45 PM Hudson Jr(2) Holbrook Jr(6)(W) Joyce
 Fri6/12 5:45 PM Milton Sr(2) Holbrook Sr(12)(W) Sumner
 Sun6/14 7:30 PM Quincy Sr(18) Holbrook Sr(6)(L) Adams
 Tue6/16 5:45 PM Holbrook Jr(7)(W) Canton Jr(4) Canton HS
 Thu6/17 5:45 PM Holbrook Jr(6)(L) Shrewsbury Jr(9) Shrewsbury HS
 Wed6/17 5:45 PM Canton Sr(0) Holbrook Sr(10)(W) Massasoit
 Wed6/17 5:45 PM Holbrook Jr(5)(W) Needham Jr(4) Needham HS
 Fri6/19 5:45 PM Holbrook Sr(0)(L) Weymouth Sr(1 ) Stella
 Fri6/19 5:45 PM Franklin Jr(2) Holbrook Jr(9)(W) *Sumner
 Mon6/22 7:30 PM Holbrook Sr(4)(L) Braintree Sr(8) Braintree HS
 Tue6/23 5:15 PM Holbrook Jr(5)(L) Quincy Jr(11) Adams
 Wed6/24 5:45 PM Holbrook Sr(4)(W) Milton Sr(3) Cunningham 9 innings
 Wed6/24 5:45 PM Foxboro Jr(17) Holbrook Jr(11)(L) Joyce
 Thu6/25 5:45 PM Quincy Sr(3) Holbrook Sr(3)(T) Massasoit 9 innings
 Fri6/26 7:30 PM Holbrook Jr(6) Cohasset Jr(9) Scituate HS
 Fri6/26 5:45 PM Cohasset Sr(9) Holbrook Sr(6)(L) Massasoit
 Mon6/29 5:45 PM Franklin Jr(5) Holbrook Jr(2)(L) Dean College
 Mon6/29 5:45 PM Holbrook Sr(3)(L) Canton Sr(9) Canton HS
 Tue6/30 7:30 PM Holbrook Sr(5)(W) Cohasset Sr(3) Scituate HS
 Mon7/01 5:45 PM Holbrook Sr(3)(W) Hyde Park Sr(1) Catholic Mem HS
 Tue7/02 5:45 PM Weymouth Sr(2) Holbrook Sr(6)(W) Massasoit
 Mon7/06 5:45 PM Canton Jr(6) Holbrook Jr(9)(W) Joyce
 Mon7/06 5:45 PM Braintree Sr(18) Holbrook Sr(3)(L) Massasoit
 Tue7/07 5:45 PM Milton Sr(0) Holbrook Sr(7)(W) Massasoit
 Tue7/07 7:00 PM Holbrook Jr(5)(L) Hudson Jr(5) Riverside Park
 Wed7/08 5:45 PM Needham Jr(2) Holbrook Jr(5)(W) Joyce
 Wed7/08 7:30 PM Holbrook Sr(1)(L) Quincy Sr(4) Adams
 Thu7/09 5:45 PM Shrewsbury Jr(3) Holbrook Jr(18(W) Joyce
 Thu7/09 5:30 PM Braintree Sr(6) Holbrook Sr(5)(L) Braintree HS
 Fri7/10 7:30PM Holbrook Sr(7)(L) Cohasset Sr(10) Scituate HS
 Sat7/11 12:30PM Holbrook Jr(16)(W) Braintree Jr(6) Braintree JV
 Sat7/11 5:45PM Hyde Park Sr(4) Holbrook Sr(5)(W) Massasoit
 Sun7/12 8:00PM Holbrook Jr(1)(L) Foxboro Jr(10) Payson Field
 Mon7/13 5:45PM Canton Sr(7) Holbrook Sr(0)(L) Massasoit
 Mon7/13 5:45PM Quincy Jr(10) Holbrook Jr(3)(L) Joyce Field
 Tue7/14 5:45PM Hyde Park Sr(2) Holbrook Sr(3)(W) Massasoit
 Tue7/14 5:45PM Cohasset Jr(5) Holbrook Jr(3)(L) Joyce Field

    2015 Jr Legion Post Season Playoff Trail

     Friday July 17 - Holbrook Jr Legion defeats Foxboro Jr Legion 5-3
     Saturday, July 18 - Holbrook Jr Legion lost to Braintree Jr Legion 7-3
     Sunday, July 19 - Holbrook Jr Legion lost to Franklin Jr Legion 1-0
     That ends our run for the District 6 Jr Legion Championship.....
     Thanx for a great 2015 Summer Season !
     Congratulations! to Junior Legion Manager John Capodilupo, Coach Ned Murphy
     Congratulations! to Senior Legion Manager Chris Mitchell, Coach Jim Lynch, Coach Steve Joyce

     Legion Post 137 2015 Scrapbook
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